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IFDA Community Involvement

IFDA actively supports our industry charity, basis.point and encourages and supports the volunteer efforts of our members within their communities. Our aim is to encourage members to give back to those in need by using gifts of time and skills, and charitable donations.


basis.point is an Irish charity established in 2013 that aims to improve educational opportunities for disadvantaged children throughout Ireland. The charity was established by a small group of visionaries within the Irish Funds sector, who saw the potential of coordinating their own personal giving in a structured fashion in order to amplify their impact. They identified education as a transformative component in offering a child a better future and the concept of  “joined up giving” was formed. The charity identified education as being a transformative component in breaking the cycle of disadvantage and today, thanks to the generosity of the many basis.point Patrons and Supporters, over €1.9million has been committed to evidence based multi-year educational programmes implemented in partnership with six established educational charities throughout Ireland. Find out more about specific grants. The operational costs of basis.point are kept to a minimum by the huge support provided by so many volunteers in the funds industry free of charge.  A number of awareness and funding events, are held which go towards the operational expenditures that arise throughout the year. It is the multiplier effect of an industry coming together, with a planned and approved approach, offering consistent support to our local communities in their efforts to educate our young people, that makes basis.point so impactful. If you’re interested in offering your time, treasure or talent and would like to become a Patron or Supporter, please get in touch through their website